Amazing Healthy food that will rock your world!

Chef’s Express refocuses how we view Catering, Cooking & Food – It’s Entertainment that’s GOOD for you!!

Entertaining your friends and colleagues is the point! So! Laugh your way to the Party or Cooking Class with amazing food where the Cook is the entertainment, the Meal the conversation and the Food is the experience!

Host your Private or Company Event / Class and let us do the rest!

What is a Chef’s Express Cooking-Class experience?

At Chef’s Express isn’t about recipes, (though we do use ‘em), it’s about: Fun, Artistry, Chemistry & Technique.

Classes are team oriented – you’ll work with other class-mates in a fun, hands-on environment led by a professional chef-instructor/amateur comedian.  There is no “yelling” or “disciplining” the attendees.  Instead these experiences focus on teaching how to make amazing tasting food in an understandable, healthy, hilarious and memorable way.

Each Class will have a “Theme”….. Ethnic; Ingredient and/or Cooking Technique…..choose a class that suits your interest!

Fun Cooking Classes!

  • These are the “Pre-Scheduled” Classes.
  • Everyone participates in creating great meals –  after demonstrating relevant techniques, you’ll all practice them while preparing the menu’d meals.
  • These classes can have up to 20 people.  (If class is “Sold-Out” call or email to see if we can fit more in!)
  • There’ll be enough of each recipe for each class-member to eat &/or take home.
  • These classes typically have 3 recipes, (some will have sub-recipes), and run closer to 3 ½ hours.
  • There will also be a “Dessert” recipe to take home.

Bring your own “Adult Beverage” if you please – I’ll bring some complimentary Wine as well!

Private Classes at YOUR location whenever you want or Social Classes at our location.

  • We’ll supply all the tools,  Apron, the “Laughs” and a little Wine, (on the House)!!
  • You’ll work in groups:
    • Bringing your own “Group”!
  • You’ll be: Standing, Cooking, Tasting & Sipping and Laughing….for about 3 hours…..Sooo:
    • Wear comfortable, safe shoes
    • Wear comfortable clothes that won’t drift into open-flame
    • Don’t forget to tie your (long) hair back.
  • Take Home what you don’t eat and your FREE $10.00 gift certificate for any future purchase!
  • Everyone gets Copies of the Class Syllabus and recipes.