Amazing Healthy food that will rock your world!

Chef’s Express refocuses how we view Catering, Cooking & Food – It’s Entertainment that’s GOOD for you!! Entertaining your friends and colleagues is the point! So! Laugh your way to the Party or Cooking Class with amazing food where the Cook is the entertainment, the Meal the conversation and the Food is the experience!

Host your Private or Company Event / Class and let us do the rest!

All Available  At THE CHEF'S EXPRESS

In-Home Culinary; Catering & Classes – So you can GO to your Party NOT WORK it!

ENTERTAINMENT IS BECOMING MORE INTIMATE  – The Chef’s Express is here to make that EASY!

  • Private Chef Services delivering “Chef-Made” Packaged Food.
  • “Small-Event” Catering allowing for great parties without the crowds or work.
  • Cooking Classes & “Team-Building” Options that entertain as well as deliver a great dining experience.


  • When you’re Laughing, Smiling, Eating and PARTICIPATING – then you’re having the great time at YOUR Event you’re supposed to! And the Chef is doing their Job! 
  • Only food passionate & fun-passionate, hilarious Chefs are part of The Chef’s Express!
  • Everything is Fresh from the Earth – NO packaged foods.
  • All-Natural Proteins!
  •  GMO-Free ingredients!  
  • Keto; Gluten-Free available!
  • Food Allergies accommodated.
  • KID’S Menus,Classes & Meals available.
  • Vegan.



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