“Customer Accounts” at Chef’s Express:

                   What’s the purpose of a “Chef’s Express” account?

    • When you register, you’ll be asked to create an account; choose a password and input contact information. (this information will remain secure and will NEVER be given, sold to or become available to any other entity).
    • As a bonus, creating an account will entitle you to “news”; recipes; deals on cooking tool as well as discounts on “Personal Chef Service we provide.

Ingredients and Food:

  • All Ingredients are “all natural” and GMO-free. They are (delivered), no more than 3 days prior to the event and often the day before the event for maximum freshness.
  • “Proteins” are all USDA and, as much as possible, never frozen.
  • Fish ingredients are secured only through established local Vendors.
  • Many ingredients are Locally sourced from the many Farms / Farmer’s Markets in San Diego.

Tools and Equipment:

  • All Tools are cleaned and sterilized prior to the Event or Class.
  • Equipment is in good working order and cleaned as well.
  • Knives will be sharp!! BE CAREFUL!

Service Platters; Plates, Glasses and Cutlery:

Who’s serving-items will be use or does Chef’s Express supply them?

  • That’s determined at the time of Booking.
    • Usually for Catered Events, YOUR Platters, Plates, Glasses, Flatware are used but Chef’s Express ALWAYS cleans them after.
    • For Classes, Chef’s express will use Disposable Platters, Plates etc. unless you have different choice that may alter the pricing.