“In-Home / Small Event” Catering

Small Events are still BIG work!!

Why The Chef’s Express??  So YOU can enjoy your own party too!!

  • Reserve your day and date on “contact” page
  • Choose which and how many (different) courses you might want
  • Choose an “Ethnic “and /or “Activity” Theme
  • Look over the (sample) Meal-Picture for ideas – we’ll create your personalized menu to suit your fancy.
  1. Excellent – Great version of your favorites.
  2. Rustic – Best Bar food; Casual theme event. 
  3. Elegant – gourmet and unique.
  4. Summer Out Doors – Bar-B- Ques, Clam Bakes.
  5. Special Events –  Holiday & Family Celebrations.

Cooking Classes

Why The Chef’s Express?? So YOU can enjoy your own party too!!