Personal Chef

Private Chef

What’s a “PERSONAL CHEF??”

                                  How is a “PRIVATE CHEF” different?                             

  • YOUR “Personal Chef ” Prepares / and Packages Meals/Meal Components that YOU’VE selected from our, (weekly), Menu – then delivers them to you in Oven-able / Microwaveable containers….
  • YOUR “Private Chef” Comes to your home based on a negotiated schedule and produces meals “on the spot” for immediate & future consumption…from menus that are made explicitly for and approved by YOU! 
  • YOUR “Personal Chef” can bring a “Party-In-A-Box” to you – all you have to do is Heat and Platter for a great casual event.
  • YOUR “Private Chef” Will Prep your next Dinner Party; BBQ; or other event, bring the food to you and FINISH and SERVE it at your home – THEN clean everything UP!!P